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Never Ignore Software Updates. Here’s why..

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Blog, General IT

Why up should never ignore software updates

They can be annoying, inconvenient and at times they can temporarily make your life that little bit more complicated. 

However, we cannot stress enough how important software updates are. Though they can interrupt your daily workflow, software updates carry everything from user experience improvements, to the latest features, to critical security fixes. 

1. Security Flaws 

Each time you click ignore, you are telling your computer to stay unprotected and open to viruses and cyberattacks because you’re too busy.  

Those updates contain valuable fixes that your computer needs. This can include things such as adding new features or removing older ones, updating drivers, bug fixes, and most importantly, fixing security holes that have been discovered. 

In the summer of 2021 Microsoft issued a fix for a zero-day critical bug dubbed PrintNightmare.  

Hackers were using this vulnerability to install programmes; view, change or delete data, or create new accounts with full user rights remotely on all versions of Windows. The patch did not go without incident as hours after release security researchers had found a way to bypass it.  

A further patch was released and due to the severity of the security vulnerability Microsoft even released a patch for operating systems that were no longer supported. 

2. Computer Performance 

No software works in isolation. To work effectively it needs to collaborate with the hardware on your machine. The performance of a PC can be severely affected if a user continues to ignore the software updates. 

It is advisable to load the updates as soon as possible after they have been released to ensure that there is not an accumulation of updates which could take a great deal of downtime to load. 

3. New Features 

Some software updates contain new or better features that can make the program more useful and better at serving its purpose. You may not like or even see some of the changes but none the less they will serve their purpose. 

Software companies will always be looking for ways to improve their product. By not applying the update you are simply missing out. 

4. Protect Friends, Family, Colleagues and Business Associates 

By not applying important security patches to your software when available, you are heightening the risk of downloading a virus. This in turn could be spread unknowingly to your contacts with whom you do business with online. 

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