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How To Keep Your Laptop Running Well  

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Blog, General IT

Having a laptop that is running slow for what seems to be no reason can be extremely frustrating. In today’s high-tech and fast-paced world, waiting more than 10 seconds for something on our laptop to load is something we are reluctant to accept.

Slow computers are not only an annoyance but lead to a decrease in productivity. Low productivity because of poor equipment over an extended period can create problems that can compound and develop into bigger problems. These tips are designed to keep your laptop running well and can be completed by anyone.  

Start Up Programs 

When starting up your computer or any other device, there are programs that automatically run. This is one of the main reasons laptops and computers run slower. Programs such as antiviruses and firewalls are best set to run in the background and on start-up as their purpose is to protect your device. Other programs such as iTunes, Microsoft Office, etc should not run automatically instead should run when needed. You can stop this by navigating to your default start-up applications by going to your settings for “start-up apps.” You will be able to see and manage the programs that run on start-up. 

Uninstall unused programs 

Having unused programs taking up space on your drive can eventually cause your laptop to run slower. The less space you have on your drive the slower your laptop will become. This is because your CPU, which is the brain of your computer, uses your drive for temporary file storage and file swapping. When there is limited space on your drive, the CPU then has less space to use and requires more time to store temporary files.

To uninstall unused programs, type in “programs and features” into your operating systems taskbar and you should be able to navigate and find all the programs installed on your computer. From there you can simply uninstall those that you are sure you do not use and as a result, will have more storage space and may even notice a significant speed increase depending on how congested your drive is. 

Clean up disk drive/ Disk Defragment 

Windows has a few disk drive tools that should improve your laptop speed by freeing up space or reorganising files for the CPU to access. Disk clean-up is a tool that searches your disk for temporary files, internet cache, and things you can safely remove without causing problems. You have options of removing certain things which you can select or simply removing everything. Another tool is disk defragmentation which will organise and rearrange files to make it easier for your CPU to access when needed for processes. It is recommended you do each once a month to prevent a build-up of unwanted content slowing down your laptop. 

Updated Software 

Having out of date software could also be the reason your laptop is slowing down. Newer software could have optimisations that speed up your laptop and decrease security risk. It is best to keep your laptop updated because of the security risk and improvements for current programs that may run slow and are poorly optimised. Older software will be less developed than current software, so the updates that you have piling up may give your laptop the little boost you have been looking for from bug fixes and program integration issues limiting communication between programs. 

RAM for multitasking 

RAM is temporary storage memory used by your computer to run programs. The more programs you use, the more RAM you need; and if you don’t have enough, your laptop will slow down. You can easily add more RAM by buying an extra memory stick and installing it if your laptop has additional slots, but you can also replace or buy a completely new RAM which has more memory and higher speed to increase the speed multitasking such as having multiple tabs open on your browser as well as faster general information transfer for your laptop. Computer Memory | DDR5 DDR4 DDR3 RAM Upgrades | Crucial.com

This may not give you the results you want so make sure to try out the earlier tips before making any purchases or changes to your laptop.  

These tips should help you keep your laptop performing well and may even improve its performance slightly. When following these tips make sure to be careful with what you remove and add to your laptop. You may come across compatibility issues or remove something you should not of.  

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