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5 Tips to Help Make the Most of PowerPoint 

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Blog, IT Products

Most of us use PowerPoint for presentations but do not know beyond the simple and basic features. PowerPoint has a variety of advanced tools that you can learn and use to become creative while levelling up your presentation skills. 

These features will show you how to make the most of PowerPoint. 

Use Slide Master  

Some of us are guilty of creating a few or even a single good-looking slide and duplicating the design over and over. This creates a lot of extra work for when you want to go through your slides and make changes like font and logo positioning on each individual slide.  

Using the Slide Master feature allows you to be consistent throughout your entire presentation, applying logo, font size, colour and creating background style all in one place. If you wish to make a change later, one simple adjustment to the master slide and all other slides will be changed accordingly.

Selection Pane for Content 

Having overlapping content such as images and textboxes might cause you issues clicking the wrong one. This can make editing difficult, a simple fix to this is utilising the Selection Pane feature located in picture/shape format. You can edit pictures, text boxes, titles etc on the page individually by hiding others completely. The content is then completely invisible and unclickable until unhidden.  

You can completely customise the content on the slide to however you see fit. This provides you with a stress-free editing environment for specific edits on unique slides compared to universal changes from Slide Master.  

Rehearse with Coach Feature 

If you have a big presentation coming up and want to practice speaking but no one is around to listen, make use of the rehearse with coach feature. This feature as you talk gives on-screen guidance about pacing, inclusive language, use of profanity, filler words, and whether you are reading the slide text. Each time you rehearse, you get a report with your summary information about your presentation, and it will provide suggestions to help you improve. Advice like, “filler word usage” is extremely helpful for those who struggle to get their point across and tend to ramble before getting back to the point.  

Some of the team at Bury St Edmunds IT are looking forward to utilising this feature. 

Rehearse your slide show with Speaker Coach (microsoft.com) 

Design Ideas  

Instead of spending so much time figuring out what kind of design you want, simply drop in any content you want to use across all slides and go to design, design ideas. From here you can pick out a design from a large variety of unique ideas automatically generated by PowerPoint. You can make a basic slide look professional by utilising these designs with photos and texts from the original basic slide. This frees up a lot of time for designing slides and gives a creative, unique look to your presentation.  

Grid Lines 

If you get easily annoyed and frustrated with pictures not being in line with one another or any other content, this feature is perfect for you. With Grid Lines your slide will have grid lines both horizontally and vertically, it will become basically a grid. You can now line up the bottom of pictures, text, paragraphs etc so they are all the same level. This also creates a satisfying and aesthetic look to your PowerPoint and shows the extra effort you put into your slides.  

These features should help you make the most of PowerPoint and show creativity when using it for presentations. For the greatest success, keep your presentations clean and consistent and follow these general best practices that even the best and brightest among us still ignore.  

Use a theme to ensure consistency  

Limit the amount of on-screen content 

Avoid excessive transitions 

Any PowerPoint presentation following these practices as well as utilising the features mentioned will impress the audience and give you the professional image you need.

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